Some starting points before GE2017

UK Parliamentary General Election 8 June 2017 candidates for Edinburgh

Joanna Cherry on

Joanna Cherry’s contributions in Westminster

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Mark Lynas’ interview with the late David MacKay

Amongst other things, he talks about The eco-modernist manifesto and The Global Calculator.

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Saughton Park

Serendipity #63257 Went for a run this morning, aiming to approach Easter Craiglockhart Hill from the Costorphine Hill direction, but took a detour through Saughton Park, and into the Winter Garden. Participated in a consultation on the Saughton Park Regeneration Project (until 10 April 2016), and heard from the Development Officer about much of the great work that’s going to happen over the next few years.

Garden Party on Saturday 21 May 2016

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Stars above the forest

Spent last night in a tipi at Marthrown of Mabie, in Dumfriesshire, at a friend’s 40th birthday party. After I moved away from the campfire and got my night vision, I brought out the binoculars. The sky was wonderfully clear but the trees in the forest obscured all but the sky directly overhead, so I wobbled about looking at The Plough. Spotted the double star Mizar easily enough. Also saw the redness of Betelguese in Orion. Great forest.

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The drove road from Kirknewton to West Linton

According to Haldane’s map of major droving routes through Scotland, the route South through the Pentland Hills went through the Cauldstaneslap, between West Cairn Hill and East Cairn Hill. The running route should be straightforward as these two hills and the gap between are distinctive & can be seen from miles around. There’s no tree cover on the route, although the run ends in West Linton where you can rehydrate with beer (TM) in one of the pubs.

Trains from Haymarket to Kirknewton take about 20 minutes on the Edinburgh to Glasgow line through Shotts, leaving at 0700, 0830, 0930, … on Saturday and 1030, 1230, … on Sunday.

The route on about 18 km

Once in West Linton, I’d wait at The Gordon Arms until a bus comes. Or perhaps if I’m feeling fresh, I could take a left turn before West Linton to go along the Roman Road to Carlops , where the Allan Ramsay Hotel is.

Stagecoach bus 101 goes from West Linton at 1016, 1116, … 1516, 1646 on Saturdays; and 1156, 1456, 1856 on Sundays.

There’s a nice description from the Edinburgh walking group of the route from South to North.

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Rip it up and start again…

I said earlier that I’d given up the allotment. Strikes me that I’ve been giving up a lot of things recently, like the allotment blog, being treasurer for the allotment association, old email addresses that were inundated by mailing lists. I think I’m almost at the point where things are pruned enough.

Yield and overcome;
Bend and be straight;
Empty and be full;
Wear out and be new;
Have little and gain;
Have much and be confused.

Tao Te Ching, TWENTY-TWO, first stanza. Translation by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English.

Running, chi gung, family… not sure I need many other building blocks.

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Walk the Line

My new favourite video about trail running. In the French Alps: Massif de Belledonne.

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Shaking Winter off

No rain today, so I took a run at lunchtime, up into Holyrood Park and around Salisbury Crags.

Lovely day, but still cold and a colder wind. But when it was sheltered and the sun was out — glorious! Plenty of other people risked it, too, and the narrow bits of Volunteers Walk were quite busy so I decided to head across the Crags at low level, to the quarry and then looping up and back.

Going out onto the Crags from the bealach isn’t bad, but I’m finding the way back a bit treacherous and slippy in my Cascadia’s. Either I need to use the Innov8s or I need to run out and then run back some other way; perhaps down the steep slope, or all the way to the foot of the Crags and back up Volunteer’s Walk.

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Hello world

I stopped leasing the allotment at the end of last year. It got too much to handle. But I did learn a lot about growing vegetables and herbs in the 6 years I had the plot so, now, as the days are noticeably getting longer, I’m starting to get the growing itch. Question is… where can I grow? My new house has a small private back yard and I imagine Summer days, herbs and salads… I’ve also got all my tools from the allotment, so perhaps I shall take my labour (and mattock) where it’s needed.

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